Looking back

I am a jack of all trades and interested in many things…  With degrees and work experience in music therapy and psychiatric social work, I have always been curious about the whole person, their systems, how things and people interrelate.

Working with Andrew McCann and the students at the Music in the Mountains Conservatory this summer, I became aware of how people may get fixed in either their primary or secondary curves (http://www.somaticimpact.com/curves-of-the-spine.html, http://livehealthy.chron.com/cervical-lumbar-curves-known-secondary-curvatures-spine-1160.html).  I wonder about mind-body connections and any research done on AT and usage trends by personality type, psychiatric diagnosis and lived experience in families/in bodies that would speak to the development of these comfort zones in one curve or another.  Perhaps there are no mitigating factors, but I notice certain folks  who tend to look to/live in the past or be fearful about the future also tend to live primarily in their secondary curves…  If any readers have insight into this I would appreciate your response!

I’ve always thought a fun thesis would be to explore “the fear of going up” (specifically into the clarinet’s altissimo range, but also in terms of progress and what keeps many from fully owning their abilities and strengths) – perhaps that will be a thread to follow going forward with AT!




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